Animal adaptations help animals stay alive by protecting them from predators or making it easier to catch prey. Each book in the Fight for Survival: Predator vs Prey series profiles the habitat, diet, appearance, and behaviours of one predator and one prey. Readers will explore the hunting adaptions of the predator animal and the defense adaptions of the prey as it fights to survive. Beautiful photos and a variety of infographics will aid learning.


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Colour Photographs, Table of Contents, Fact Boxes, Inquiry Questions, Graphs, Charts, Glossary, To Learn More, Index, About the Author, Web Sites

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Titles in This Series (12 titles)

Book Title ISBN # Copyright Format CDN List
Coyote vs. Field Mouse 9781774564639 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Grizzly Bear vs. Salmon 9781774564622 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Lynx vs. Snowshoe Hare 9781774564653 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Polar Bear vs. Ringed Seal 9781774564660 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Red Fox vs. Red Squirrel 9781774564646 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Snowy Owl vs. Lemming 9781774564677 2024 Hardcover $29.95
Coyote vs. Field Mouse 9781774564998 2024 Paperback $14.95
Grizzly Bear vs. Salmon 9781774564981 2024 Paperback $14.95
Lynx vs. Snowshoe Hare 9781774565018 2024 Paperback $14.95
Polar Bear vs. Ringed Seal 9781774565025 2024 Paperback $14.95
Red Fox vs. Red Squirrel 9781774565001 2024 Paperback $14.95
Snowy Owl vs. Lemming 9781774565032 2024 Paperback $14.95