Black Canadians have shaped Canadian history since it was first colonized. Black History in Canada explores the struggles many early black settlers faced and how black Canadians have fought throughout history for equal treatment. Readers will learn about the important contributions black Canadians have made from their initial arrival in colonial times through the present day.


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Colour Photographs, Black & White photographs, and Illustrations, Table of Contents, Voices From the Past, Maps, Glossary, Side Bars, For Further Information, Timeline, Framing Questions, Index, Web Sites

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Famous Black Canadians 9781773085746 2020 Hardcover $31.95
Revolution and The Black Loyalists, The 9781773085753 2020 Hardcover $31.95
Enslaved People in Canada 9781773085760 2020 Hardcover $31.95
Underground Railroad, The 9781773085777 2020 Hardcover $31.95
Famous Black Canadians 9781773086132 2020 Paperback $16.95
Revolution and The Black Loyalists, The 9781773086149 2020 Paperback $16.95
Enslaved People in Canada 9781773086156 2020 Paperback $16.95
Underground Railroad, The 9781773086163 2020 Paperback $16.95