Readers are invited to join as we embark on a journey through Canada! Expedition presents quality nonfiction titles in a highly visual format. Explore interesting and relevant information supported by a variety of modern and historic maps, graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams. Discover the power of thinking critically with the help of sidebars and case studies that examine contemporary issues and invite learners to expand their thinking. Enjoy the journey with colourful photographs and fun facts dotted along the way.

The Great Canadian Road Trip

Get ready to explore Canada like never before-from coast to coast to coast. This highly visual series takes readers on a road trip across the Canadian provinces and territories. Visit major cities, and head off the beaten path to explore the people, environment, foods, cultures, and history of each region. Detours add fun trivia and jokes to the road trip, while maps show the route travelled.

Understanding Canadian Government and Citizenship

This dynamic series introduces young readers to the three levels of government in Canada and its impact on daily life. It also explores the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Colourful flowcharts and diagrams illustrate government processes, while sidebars examine contemporary issues and invite readers to think critically about modern Canadian politics.

Explorers of Canada

Follow in the footsteps of some of Canada's greatest explorers in this high-interest series. Each title chronicles the timeline of an explorer, explains the motivation behind their journey, and examines their relationship with Indigenous Peoples. A combination of modern and historic maps and colourful images highlight the places visited and discovered by these adventurers.

Canada's Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions

This series discusses the cause and effect, of climate change in Canada and looks at solutions on how to deal with it. It looks at economic impact, invasive species, and past, present and future of climate change.

Cooking Across Canada!

An Informative and entertaining series about cooking, with fun facts and recipes from across the country and different cultures. These titles will touch on the traditions, and the history of the food, as well and how to prepare each dish!

Regions of Canada

This series explores Regions of Canada, and the current issues surrounding land use, and environmental and human impacts. Colourful photographs, maps and infographics throughout help show off the vast regions of Canada past and present.