Introducing 39 new English books and 11 new French translations for Fall 2020.

The English collection includes five relevant and exciting series including: Canadian Eh!, Healthy Kids Canada, Cooking Across Canada!, Regions of Canada, Canada's Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions, as well as the continuation of the popular series' Canadian Celebrations, and Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future. The French line-up includes the new series Les célébrations canadiennes, and five new translations added to the La vie autochton au Canada : au passé, au présent et au future series.

Canadian Eh!

This series explores some uniquely Canadian things, including the history, and regional variations.

Canadian Celebrations

Canadians have many reasons to celebrate, and they enjoy gathering throughout the year to observe many uniquely Canadian holidays. Canadian Celebrations provides readers a closer look at the history of these events, the reasons for each holiday, and the ways in which Canadians gather to celebrate them.

Healthy Kids Canada

Books in this series deliver key information about current issues facing Canadian kids, the impact that it has, and where to turn for help. Emphasis on how to deal with each issue, who to talk to, and what help is available.

Cooking Across Canada!

An Informative and entertaining series about cooking, with fun facts and recipes from across the country and different cultures. These titles will touch on the traditions, and the history of the food, as well and how to prepare each dish!

Regions of Canada

This series explores Regions of Canada, and the current issues surrounding land use, and environmental and human impacts. Colourful photographs, maps and infographics throughout help show off the vast regions of Canada past and present.

Canada's Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions

This series discusses the cause and effect, of climate change in Canada and looks at solutions on how to deal with it. It looks at economic impact, invasive species, and past, present and future of climate change.

Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future

Indigenous peoples have played an influential role in Canadian history and continue to do so today. From the past and into the future, Indigenous Life in Canada reveals the challenges Indigenous peoples face, celebrates their diverse cultures, and highlights the contributions they make in Canada.

Les célébrations canadiennes

Les Canadiens et Canadiennes ont plusieurs raisons de fêter. Ils aiment se réunir à différents moments de l'année pour respecter plusieurs célébrations uniques à leur culture. La série Les célébrations canadiennes permet aux lecteurs et lectrices d'examiner de plus près l'histoire de ces événements, les raisons qui motivent chacune de ces célébrations et les façons qu'ont les Canadiens et Canadiennes de se réunir pour les fêter.

La vie autochtone au Canada : au passé, au présent et au futur

Les peuples autochtones ont joué un rôle influent dans l’histoire du Canada, et ils maintiennent leur rôle encore aujourd’hui. En observant du passé vers l’avenir, la série La vie autochtone au Canada révèle les défis que doivent surmonter les peuples autochtones, célèbre leur diversité culturelle et souligne leur contribution dans l’établissement du Canada.