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Books created for Canadian schools and libraries from years of experience is what we are about. Striving to reflect Canada’s rich diversity while supporting student learning is what sets Beech Street Books apart.

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Say hello to True North.

Canadian students need Canadian books! True North are the books you need for primary readers seeking info on subjects taught in schools across the country.

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Publishing for
Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast.

Canada is a big country! With a big country comes the need for info on iconic Canadian topics presented in an understandable and informative format.

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150 Years of Canada in One Series.

Our brand new series on 150 years of Canada highlights important people, key moments and events that helped to shape our nation.

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Everyone Likes Butter Tarts.

Even the youngest readers need great Canadian books! Introducing Buttertarts, books for early Canadian readers on topics of interest to them.

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Canadian Books in French.

Canadian books in French? We have them! Introducing our new titles that are sure to be of interest to French readers across the country.